Prodplast is market leader in the development and production of biodegradable and compostable bags. We currently produce the following products:

  • Home: bin liners, food bags (sandwich & freezer bags), pet waste bags, waste management bags

  • Retail: shopper bags, fruits & vegetables, produce bags

  • Industrial applications: flow pack, food packaging, diapers, feminine hygiene, laminated products

  • Agriculture: mulching film


Our products cover a wide range, from coffee cups, to bin liners and bags, to tableware or straws. All our products are plant based, using corn starch, sugarcane or cellulose, highly regenerative resources. The CO2 emissions are considerably lowered in the production process by 35% up to 75%, depending on the product type. 

We respect the regulations of EN13432 regarding composability principles, and all our products are certified compostable. We strongly believe the best approach is to follow the principles of the Circular Economy, that’s why through our project we enable many people, businesses and institutions adhere to and live by these principles.


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